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Economic Focus

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Incubation Hubs

With the support of the DTI, in February 2017 ArcelorMittal South Africa launched the Matlafatso Incubation Hub to help emerging entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds create stable, successful business and link the new businesses to our own supply chain.

The initial intake of 11 entrepreneurs and small businesses led to the creation of 122 direct jobs and substantial contracts. One participant alone experienced a 2000% increase in business profitability in one year.

Business Park

Our first Business Park was set up in Vanderbijlpark on 6000m/2 of land in 2017. The initiative employs 84 full-time employees and has a spend of R7 million in black-owned SMEs to date.

By completing the application form it will allow ArcelorMittal South Africa to establish a comprehensive database of all qualifying entrepreneurs and enterprises within our various local communities who would like to participate in either an Enterprise or Supplier development programme in future.

The most important benefit of registering on ArcelorMittal South Africa’s Enterprise and Supplier development database is that it allows us to know who you are and what service or product you offer.

From this list, ArcelorMittal considers entrepreneurs with the best ability to meet ArcelorMittal’s strategic objectives for inclusion in our Enterprise and Supplier development programme.

Application and Accreditation

ArcelorMittal acknowledges the right of all potential suppliers of goods and service to register as approved vendors on ArcelorMittal`s vendor database. On-boarding of new vendors is accommodated based on an existing need within ArcelorMittal South Africa for additional providers of goods and services, and a requirement is validated either by an appropriate plant manager or a manager within Procurement and Logistics.

Approval of the on-boarding of new vendors is directly related to the promotion of ArcelorMittal`s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) strategy and occurs within the parameters of its ability to effectively accommodate qualifying vendors who meet ArcelorMittal South Africa`s need for the supply of applicable goods and services.

For practical reasons, not all vendor applications can be accommodated, and favourable consideration of new vendor application requests will be scrutinised within the ambit of both strategic and business requirements.

Job Creation and Skills Development

ArcelorMittal South Africa’s long-term goal is to contribute to resilient and self-sufficient local communities, which we do through initiatives like seed funding and donation of equipment towards socio-economic projects. Our investments range from medium-term, multi-partner engagements to long-term projects.

One of our most significant investments is in the area of food security, where we invest in urban farming as well as in the development of emerging commercial farmers, to meet community needs.


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